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Hardin County Recycling Locations

Hardin County Monthly Recycling Programs
The following is a list of monthly recycling collection drives-Day & Location:

Monthly Mobile Recycling Programs accept these items:
Plactic Bottles & Jugs - #1 & #2, Aluminum Cans, Steel Food Cans, Glass Food & Beverage Bottles & Jars,
Newspapers, Magazines, Cereal Boxes, Telephone Books, Junk Mail & Office Paper, Cardboard (No Larger Than 2' x 2')

Dudley Township - Dudley Township Hall
21593 Co Rd 190, Mt Victory                     
                  1st Saturday of Each Month   9:00 AM to 11:00 AM 
Cessna Township - Cessna Township Hall
Twp Road 105, Kenton
1st Saturday of Each Month   10:00 AM to Noon

Blanchard Township/Dunkirk
152 North Main St., Dunkirk, Ohio
2nd Tuesday & 4th Thursday of Each Month
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Mt. Victory/Hale Township - Village Town Building
Washington St., Mt. Victory, Ohio
(Across from Sportman's Building)
2nd Tuesday & 4th Thursday of Each Month
12:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Hardin County Transfer Station
45 Jones Road, Kenton  -  419-673-7183

Hours Monday Thru Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Open First Saturday of Each Month 8:30 Am to 11:50 AM

What to Recycle
Plastic Bottles/Jugs (#1 & #2 Type only) - Remove Caps/Lids, Metal Food & Beverage Cans -  Aluminum Cans will be paid for if separarted
Glass Bottes & Jars Only - Clear or Brown - (NO Window Glass or Light Bulbs)
Magazines, Newspapers  - Loose or in Paper Bag, Cardboard - Cut 2 Feet by 2 Feet

Rinse all containers for Health & Odor Reasons
Kenton Curbside Recycling Program
Only items listed can be collected curbside

Kenton Curbside Red Recycling Box Program accepts
Steel Food Cans & Aluminum Beverage Cans, Glass Food & Drink - Bottles & Jars-(Clear, Green or Brown only), Plastic Bottles & Jugs-(#1 & #2 only)

PAPER - Seperate Paper and Stack Loose or in Brown Paper Grocery Bag
Newspapers, Magazines, Paperboard(Cereal Boxes), Phonebooks, Junk Mail, Office/School Paper,
Corrugated Cardboard-(Please cut down in size to no larger than 2' X 2' - must fit in bin or on top of bin)

Kenton PAYT/Curbside Customer Service
1-888-642-4578 or 937-642-4578
Email: kentonpayt@rrohio.com

Collection days that fall on Holidays may be rescheduled or canceled.
Please contact Union Recyclers at 937-642-7283 or local NCO office at 419-674-2217.
Collections WILL BE CANCELED if there is a Level 1 or higher weather emergency
declared in Union County. This is for your safety and the safety of our workers.
Thank You
NO Collection on November 22nd (Thanksgiving) at
Blanchard & Hale Townships